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My most recent book, WordPerfect Office, The Complete Reference Guide covers WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentations.

Absolute Beginner's Guides are written with the beginner in mind, but they donít shy away from covering inter-mediate concepts. Note: no previous WP experience is necessary.

Special Edition Using WordPerfect reference books are geared towards the intermediate and advanced user.

Be sure to check out WordPerfect Universeís Administrator, Jan Berinsteinís, Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Office Word 2007, available on Lulu.com , on Amazon.com, and on her web site, CompuSavvy (specializing in WordPerfect and Word training for law firms). For WordPerfect and Word tips, see her blog, CompuSavvy's Word & WordPerfect Tips.

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Undoubtedly the most popular WordPerfect site on the Web. Staffed by friendly, helpful volunteers and frequented by WordPerfect loyalists from all over the world, the support is second to none.

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Corelís official community site has blog posts, user forums and downloads.

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